MSWA Platinum Club.

Never miss out on your chance to win!

Never miss out on your chance to win!

Join the MSWA Platinum Club TODAY for automatic entry into the MSWA Mega Home Lottery and the MSWA Luxury Lottery.

With no joining fee, MSWA Platinum Club Members also receive entry into Platinum Club only competitions, invitations to attend exclusive MSWA Lotteries events, sneak peeks of the lottery prize pool before it’s released to the general public and access to the MSWA Platinum Club services team.

Sign up today including MSWA Luxury Lotteries in your membership and you’ll go into the exclusive Members competition to win $10,000 cash (Terms and Conditions Apply). 

For more information about joining, or have a question regarding your current MSWA Platinum Club membership, please call 1300 058 880 or email

How it works.

Step 1

Reserve your tickets

Register your details & become a club member

Step 2

Sit back & relax

You'll receive an email reminder prior to each lottery

Step 3

Receive your tickets

We'll email your tickets to you when the lottery launches

My Ticket Reservation

    My Ticket Reservation

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    Reserve your tickets for future lotteries.

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    If you want more tickets, or you need to update your details, please call us on 1300 058 880.

    No of tickets per lottery
    Cost per lottery
    MSWA Mega Home Lottery Logo

    MSWA Mega Home Lottery
    You'll automatically receive tickets in 2 x MSWA Mega Home Lotteries per annum.

    Cost Per Lottery: $0
    MSWA Luxury Lottery Logo

    MSWA Luxury Lottery
    You’ll automatically receive tickets in MSWA Luxury Lotteries.

    Cost Per Lottery: $0

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    How often do I get charged?

    MSWA Mega Home Lottery is held twice a year. The MSWA Luxury Lottery is held four times a year.

    How do I update my details?

    To update any of your details (ticket allocation, contact details, credit card details etc), please call the MSWA Lotteries Team on 1300 058 880, or email

    Can I skip a lottery?

    Yes. You can skip an upcoming lottery without cancelling your membership simply call us on 1300 058 880 at least 5 days before a lottery launches to skip the up-coming lottery.

    How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply call the Platinum Club Team on 1300 058 880.

    Can I include a second name on my tickets?

    Yes. During the registration process simply fill in the secondary ticket holder information. Alternatively, please call the Platinum Club Team on 1300 058 880 and we will add an extra name onto your tickets.

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